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Made in Europe

All our products are made in Europe. This way you can be sure that our clothing is of the highest quality and you support the local European economy. As Europeans, we think it is important to support the European economy, even if production costs are much higher than in low-wage countries such as Vietnam or Bangladesh. For us it’s quality over profits.

Another important factor in choosing to have our products made in Europe is sustainability. For example, the ecological footprint of clothing produced in Europe is much smaller. Think of the shorter transport distance, but also of the environmental regulations. In the aforementioned low-wage countries, environmental regulations are either not present or not enforced. For example, when dyeing clothes, toxic substances are used that end up in the rivers en masse. This polluted river water will be used for the irrigation of rice fields, and so the poison from clothing production ends up on your plate via a detour. At Club Sigma, we do not support such practices. Clothing from Club Sigma is sustainable and produced under good working conditions.

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